Take to task for Nov. 17

New item-DeKalb County

Bob Lawson has two problems in DeKalb County.

“First, there is a growing hole on South Pineview Court covered by a steel plate. The nearby residents told me the county just put a bigger plate over the hole than was required before. This has been going on one to two years or longer, according to them,” he said.

His second issue concerns a sinking and bulging area across the street from the driveway at 424 Bridlewood Circle.

“It’s been two years plus and no action from the county. The hole on Pineview seems more serious, but both are more than minor issues to this close-knit neighborhood,” he added.

We sent the issue to DeKalb County and will let you know when the issues are resolved.

Days on list-6

Who’s looking into it, county spokesperson Burke Brennan, bbrennan@dekalbcountyga.gov

New item-Atlanta

Pamela Chawkin wants help with a situation near one of Atlanta’s toniest shopping areas. Crosswalk signals on Phipps Blvd. seem to need adjustments.

“With improvements and increased emphasis on making Atlanta a more pedestrian-friendly city, I wanted to ask if two traffic lights with crosswalk signals could have adjustments made to the crosswalk signals that would bring instant safety improvements with little effort.

She said adjustments need to be made at Phipps Boulevard and Alexander Road and at the traffic light at Wieuca Road and Phipps Boulevard.

We sent the item to the city and got back a quick response.

“Public works will check the intersections for possible modifications to the signal operations. Our investigation should be done within the next seven to 10 business days,” said Valerie Bell-Smith, director of communications & community engagement for the city’s public works department.

Days on list-6

Who’s looking into it: City of Atlanta Department of Public Works Commissioner Richard Mendoza, 404-330-6240, rmendoza@atlantaga.gov

New item-Cobb County

A commuter in Cobb wants to see if a “twice a day big backup” in Cobb can be eliminated. The commuter said that at the intersection of Paper Mill Road and Woodlawn Road there is only a blinking red light. This of course requires all traffic to stop and then go regardless of traffic coming from the other street.

“During rush hours the lines back up 15-20 cars deep to get through the intersection. I think a regular traffic signal would move things along in a much more efficient manner,” wrote the reader.

We sent the information to Cobb County and will keep you updated.

Days on list-6

Who’s looking into it: Robert Quigley, communications director, information@cobbcounty.org