Take to task for May 11

Fixed! Moreland Avenue

In late April, we told you about a troublesome storm drain.

“While this storm sewer has been a wreck for several years without attention from the city, catching tires and sometimes damaging wheels when drivers turn too sharply into a narrow crowded street, it has now become outright dangerous,” William Carney wrote about the storm sewer at the intersection of Moreland Avenue and Fairview Road. We sent out queries to both the city and the Department of Transportation to try and get this issue resolved. Our contacts at the DOT informed us last week the issue was fixed and sent a pic to show the improvement.

Days on list-7

Who got it fixed: Natalie Dale, Georgia Department of Transportation, ndale@dot.ga.gov.

Fixed-DeKalb County

In mid April, we told you about Kathey Posey’s concern over a busy street in DeKalb County.

“The road behind Northlake Mall (Northlake Parkway) has potholes galore and is in very bad shape. Can you investigate when this road will be fixed? It hasn’t been re-paved in years,” she said.

We learned from the county the road had been repaired.

Days on list-20

Who got it fixed: DeKalb County Chief Communications Officer Burke Brennan,bbrennan@dekalbcountyga.gov

Update-DeKalb County

In April, we told you about Sally Littlejohn’s hope that an unfinished project near her house would soon be completed.

“I am writing to you about a problem near my house on LaVista Road in DeKalb County. Two years ago, crews began widening a two-block intersection of LaVista Road between Frazier Road and Fair Oaks Road. The intent was to add turn lanes and sidewalks. It took them a long time to move power lines, but they eventually did it. They also finished the sidewalks after many delays. However, there have been orange cones sitting around for two years, and they’ve never finished the project,” Littlejohn wrote. She hoped the project could be finished soon and her neighborhood restored to its pre-construction status.

We learned from DeKalb officials work on the project should start by the end of May and completed in July.

Days on list-20

Who’s looking into it: DeKalb County Chief Communications Officer Burke Brennan,bbrennan@dekalbcountyga.gov