Take to task for July 11

New item-DOT

Bill Worth wants a dangerous situation resolved soon in the heart of the city.

“There is standing water on the overpass bridge at the corner of Piedmont Avenue and Baker Street across from the Georgia Power offices. The standing water is a breeding place for the Zika virus,” he wrote.

We sent the item to the state and will let you know what happens.

Days on list-6

Who’s looking into it: Annalysce Baker, Georgia Department of Transportation, abaker@dot.ga.gov

New item-DeKalb County

Fred Roberts wants something done about his deteriorating street.

“The pavement on my street, Hillbrook Way in Decatur in unincorporated DeKalb, began to collapse several weeks ago. DeKalb Watershed Management has put down steel plates, but has not yet taken care of the sewer problems underneath. We’re tired of waiting!” he said.

We informed DeKalb County of the situation and will keep you updated.

Days on list-6

Who’s looking into it : DeKalb County press secretary Burke Brennan, bbrennan@dekalbcountyga.gov

New item-I-75/85

Jeff McCord thinks the DOT needs to re-evaluate a recent job it completed.

“Sometime this spring, GDOT repaved a section of two right lanes on northbound I-75/85, between University Avenue and Interstate 20. Besides the fact that the new pavement is shoddy work and very rough, the lane stripes have never been repainted, so traffic drifts and wanders between lanes,” he wrote.

McCord said the paved section veers across lanes at the I-20 exit, and drivers often follow the new paving instead of the unmarked lane, creating a dangerous condition.

“Since April, I’ve expected to see striping appear any day, but nothing has happened. For safety reasons, striping is usually done soon after repaving. What is GDOT waiting for?”

We sent the item to DOT and received a quick answer.

“The repaving job in April was a temporary fix until we begin resurfacing the Downtown Connector from University Avenue to the Brookwood interchange mid-July. When we resurface the Downtown Connector we will also restripe the road,” wrote department spokesperson Annalysce Baker.

Days on list: 1

Who's looking into it:  Annalysce Baker, Georgia Department of Transportation, abaker@dot.ga.go