Take to task for April 25

New item-Snellville

Jerry Oberholzer wants a sinkhole fixed quickly.

“My neighbors and I have contacted the city of Snellville and Gwinnett Department of Water Resources numerous times over the last few weeks about the sinkhole over the existing sanitary sewer line. As you can see the city dumped some asphalt cold patch in one of the holes. The settlement in the pavement is getting worse and Gwinnett County DWR stated that they are looking into it. I think the problem is more serious, it appears the sewer line may have failed. Nobody seem to care, maybe the AJC can help the residents of Pennistone Way,” he wrote.

We heard quickly back from the city manager.

“We as a city do not provide water and sewer services. We have been trying to work with GWR, who’s maintenance problem this is, to repair the issue fully. They have now finally made an adequate size cut in the roadway, after their hopefully long term line repair, that a good resurfacing job will provide more than a short term fix to the problem. I apologize to Jerry and the other neighbors for the delay, but it’s an inter-jurisdictional issue where we have no direct authority. Judging by the amount of street patches in the area, GWR has a history of maintenance issues in this area,” wrote Butch Sanders.

Days on list-2

Who’s looking into it: City of Snellville City Manager Butch Sanders, bsanders@snellville.org

New item-DeKalb County

AJ Pepper has an issue with a traffic light.

“We have a little problem with the traffic signal on Spring Creek Road at North Druid Hills Road . Traffic coming out of the neighborhood on Spring Creek Road onto North Druid Hills must often wait outrageous amounts of time for the light to change - and occasionally, the pedestrian light across Spring Creek will count down, and turn to ‘Don’t Cross,’ and the light still won’t change. Whatever it is that senses traffic waiting there is not working. We suspect a minor adjustment might do the trick,” he said.

We sent the item to the county and will keep you updated.

Days on list-6

Who’s looking into it: DeKalb County public information officer Shiera Campbell, sdcampbell@dekalbcountyha.gov.

New item-I-75 and I-85

Jim Gibson is upset over a frustrating situation where two interstates intersect.

“For years I’ve been amazed at the near-complete lack of lane markings on the awful ramp from I-75 S to I-85 N. That has to be one of the busiest spots in town, and it seems almost criminal to me that the lanes aren’t marked better.

A couple of years ago or so, about half of the ramp was painted in a very helpful, completely noticeable way—but that wondrous paint job stops about halfway through the turn. Just as the two lanes begin to merge, there aren’t any lane markers to guide you through the merge,” he wrote.

We sent the item to DOT and will let you know when its resolved.

Days on list: Who’s looking into it: Natalie Dale, Georgia Department of ‍Transportation, ndale@dot.ga.gov