Suwanee police: No leads in mysterious graffiti case

A graffiti artist is tagging the streets of Suwanee with their mark.

The city of Suwanee posted a slideshow of photos on its Facebook page Wednesday of the same symbol plastered on street signs, buildings, bridges and basketball goals all over town.

“It’s been popping up probably the past three months or so,” said Sgt. Robert Thompson of the Suwanee Police Department. “There’s really not a whole lot that we know about it.”

Thompson said the police department consulted with the Gwinnett County Gang Task Force when the symbol first began showing up.

“It doesn’t appear to be gang-related or anything like that,” he said. “We’re thinking that it’s probably juveniles.”

The police department is working with local high schools to see if there are any students who draw the symbol or if there is any suspicious activity. Police are also checking retailers in the area for any increases in spray paint purchases. Thus far, Thompson confirmed there are no leads in the case.

In his 10 years as a resident of Suwanee, Thompson said he has never seen anything like this.

“You might have your random stuff here and there,” he said, but there has never been so many of the same symbol throughout the city.

Anyone with any information on the case is urged to contact the Suwanee Police Department at 770-954-8995.