Stockbridge to paint city’s new tagline on four water towers

Stockbridge is taking its new branding campaign to the skies.

The Henry County city is painting its new tagline --  “Where Community Connects” -- on its four water towers. The $74,000 job will be taken from the city’s general fund.

“Earlier this year the city launched its new branding logo and tagline,” city manager Randy Knighton said in a statement. “Placing our new logo and tagline on our water towers will continue our efforts to provide exposure of this initiative. There is so much about our city that is embodied in the tagline Stockbridge is "where community connects."

Stockbridge launched its branding campaign in January, three months after defeating a cityhood effort by the well-heeled Eagle's Landing community.

The campaign is the city’s first-ever effort to sell itself as a destination for business development, residential growth and tourism. At launch, the city had spent about $50,000 on the effort, which included money for focus groups, logo design and consulting fees.