Stockbridge making $1.7 million improvements to its wastewater treatment plant

Stockbridge is making $1.7 million in improvements to its wastewater treatment facility. Part of the improvements include adding a high-performance Dynamic Radial Wedge Belt Press complete with a building and other pumps, piping and electrical equipment. The belt press is an industrial machine used to take excess water out of sludge in the wastewater treatment industry. The project will improve operations and cut costs at the city’s Steven D. Peurifoy Water Pollution Control Plant. The city currently disposes of its sludge by spreading it on hayfields. As part of the improvement project, Stockbridge will buy a new “spreader truck” to apply the sludge to the fields. The project, which is being managed by Stevenson & Palmer Engineering Inc. in Smyrna, is expected to be finished in a year. The city will used SPLOST funds to pay for the project, saving taxpayers money.