Stockbridge city staff return to work Monday, but buildings remain closed to public

City of Stockbridge staff will return to work this week, but municipal buildings will remain closed until June 15.

Employees will work Monday through Thursday and telework on Friday, the Henry County city has announced.

The city will provide employees with disposable masks as a precaution against coronavirus and social distancing will be followed to help prevent the spread of the disease.

"Staff will return to our buildings on this Monday, June 1, 2020," Stockbridge City Manager Randy Knighton said in a release. "Of course, we continue to watch the health data for this serious pandemic. Team members will be equipped with the necessary items to assist in remaining as safe as possible.

“The overall well-being of staff and community members is our main priority,"  he said.

Cities throughout metro Atlanta have been slowly reopening, including McDonough, which returns on Monday. Many have implemented restrictions, such as requiring visitors to wear masks and to submit to temperature tests for entry to office buildings.