Stadium opponents will fight another day

Conspiracy theorists. Children of the ’60s. One-world government fearers. Leftists, rightists, centrists and zentrists.

Put them all together and shake, and you get a group in Atlanta that coalesces, quite impossibly, into a unified force always willing to fight together for the common good (even if that good is, occasionally, somewhat obscure).

Some of the people who turned out this week to stop the freight train known as the new Braves ballpark in Cobb County are a part of this loyal opposition: fiercely loyal to their ideas, however unusual, and always ready to oppose. They were effectively muzzled at the Cobb County Commission meeting Tuesday, when the pro-stadium forces showed up early and claimed all of the public comment slots.

But that didn’t shut them up. Not even close.

Today's Bill Torpy at Large feature at takes the measure of this odd stew of folks who tilt at windmills, get thrown out of meetings by the cops and keep coming back for more.