Sounding off for Tuesday

I think it's the politicians we should do background checks on.

If the 2nd Amendment only applies to muskets, then your right to be secure in your home against unreasonable search and seizures only applies to log cabins.

Sign on I-75N near Cordele "Georgia Fish Education Center"; won't that make them harder to catch?

When journalists and bloggers disconnect their electronics and return to quill pens and hand-set lead type, I'll go get a musket.

How can anyone say Fox is not fair and balanced if they have ever watched the bias of ABS, CBS, NBC and MSNBC?

Honesty, decency, ethics and morality: these are all debatable? What are the rational arguments against them?

Cards and letters can wait until Monday if not delivered on Friday and no one is at the office to apply the payment to your account on Saturday. Next excuse, please.

While we're at it, let's cut residential mail delivery to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. By the second month, everyone will adjust.

Current background checks don't work because Congress cut funding for enforcement.

I believe a healthy respect for one's parents is better than fear. Fear creates nothing positive.

Too many people today are defined by who they are as opposed to what they are and in the final analysis what they are defines where they will spend eternity.

Cars are supposed to get you from here to there. They are not a mobile phone booth. Please don't talk/text on the phone and drive!