‘Social distancing’ adopted for Cherokee County meetings

In light of the call for “social distancing” to slow the spread of coronavirus, the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners has approved a resolution deferring matters that require public participation.

Issues requiring public hearings, such as zoning, special-use permits, variances and regulatory or alcohol permits, are stayed through April 21. Existing regulatory permits that require a public hearing prior to renewal or extension and are about the lapse will be extended until hearings are resumed.

Activities involving public input and participation at county board meetings are suspended through April 21, unless they involve policies and ordinances directly addressing the COVID-19 outbreak and related public health and safety issues. Zoning, variance and other land-use decision-making also is suspended through April 21.

“Citizens shall be strongly encouraged to observe Board of Commissioners meetings via online streaming,” the resolution says. Those attending a meeting “shall be requested to observe social distancing protocols.”