Snellville residents will need to check their stormwater charges on property tax bills. Some may have errors. (File Photo Courtesy Pixabay)

Snellville residents: check stormwater charges on property tax bills

Property owners in Snellville may find incorrect stormwater charges on their property tax bills. The Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner’s Office will be mailing corrected bills to about half of the city’s residents, or approximately 4,000 property owners.

Snellville officials found a technical glitch that caused some stormwater assessments to be issued with incorrect amounts, some higher, but some lower than actual.

Revised bills will include a letter that explains the error. Property owners can identify the new bills by their black ink verus the blue ink of the originals.

The due date for paying Gwinnett County property taxes remains Oct. 15 for the corrected bills. Late payments may incur penalties/interest.

Questions or assistance: or 770-822-8800.