Smyrna condemns 12 properties for Spring Road widening

The Smyrna City Council voted 6-0 Monday to condemn 12 properties out of 40 needed for the Spring Road widening.

Councilman Ron Fennel did not vote since he said he had a client interest.

A total of $257,037 will be given to the owners by the city.

Last month the council agreed to pay $4.5 million to Baldwin Paving Co. for the widening between Cobb Parkway and Woodruff Drive and part of the Cumberland Boulevard approach to Spring Road.

Construction is expected to begin in January with completion by the fall.

The 12 properties to be taken are between Cobb Parkway and the intersection of Spring Road with Bell Drive and include:

  • 2482 Spring Road owned by Doxy J. Poulos to be given $4,200
  • 2520 Spring Road owned by Atlanta Pro Percussion for $1,294
  • 2550 Spring Road, consisting of two parcels with one owned by James K. Graham and Jerry Mayfield of Summit and the other by Racetrac Petroleum for a combined $20,100
  • 2543 Spring Road owned by Summit for $20,100
  • 8 Cumberland Way owned by Jasmine at the Galleria for $45,443
  • 2590 Spring Road owned by Manhattan Spring Properties for $52,000
  • 2585 Spring Road owned by Fred C. Nienaber for $1,200
  • 2654 Spring Road owned by CFT Developments for $53,600
  • 2855 Spring Hill Parkway owned by Mogar Farms Funding for $10,600
  • 2697 Spring Road owned by Spring Street I for $32,100
  • 2810 Spring Road owned by Nilhan Developers for $16,40