Smyrna adjusts budget by $220K

The Smyrna City Council approved on Nov. 18 a Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Amendment, totaling about $219,945.

However, that amount will be offset by $276,000 in savings.

Several items were not included in the original FY 2020 budget that were requested later by departments and approved by Mayor Max Bacon and the council.

This budget amendment is necessary to correct the negative budget to actual variances in these accounts.

These items include:

  • $74,000 for 20 percent of a transit study with the Atlanta Regional Commission.
  • $45,000 for an annexation study.
  • $39,629 for Smyrna's portion of an air quality study with participation from Cobb and the city of Atlanta. The total contract was for $133,700.
  • $29,950 for a Downtown Master Plan update.
  • $11,000 for an emergency repair for the bailer at Environmental Services.
  • $9,717 for a few noise monitors to take a reading of noise levels after citizen complaints were heard.
  • $8,000 for additional exterminator costs to sanitize the offices at the Recycling Center.
  • $2,650 for an additional review of the city's OPEB plan for the FY 2019 audit.

These increases in expenses will be offset by $276,000 in savings from reductions in salary and FICA line items for new positions budgeted but not yet hired and reclassifications that have not been made.