Shoplifting made up approximately 20 percent of the Part 1 crimes reported in Peachtree City in 2017. Courtesy Facebook

Shoplifting prompts Peachtree City law change

An increase in shoplifting crimes in Peachtree City has prompted the City Council to amend the ordinance related to disorderly conduct.

The council voted 5-0 on June 7 to add language stating that it is unlawful “[t]o be in or about any place, alone or with another or others, with the purpose of or intent to engage in any fraudulent scheme, trick or device to obtain any money or valuable thing; or to aid or abet any person or persons in doing so.”

In the memo preceding the vote, City Manager Jon Rorie said prosecuting shoplifters, who “often travel great distances to target merchants in this area,” can be hampered by challenges with the state shoplifting statute and the availability of witnesses. Amending the disorderly conduct ordinance to include activities related to shoplifting will “help criminally prosecute these subjects [and] enhance law enforcement’ s ability to deter such crime in Peachtree City,” he said.