Sandy Springs to use eminent domain to take land for parking

Responding to a landowner’s rejection of its $300,000 offer, Sandy Springs has authorized the use of eminent domain to take vacant land identified for parking in the City Center Master Plan.

The City Council recently passed a resolution on acquiring the 11,850-square-foot tract at 170 Hilderbrand Drive from W.B. Holdings-Hilderbrand LLC. Adam Orkin is the registered agent, according to the city.

Sandy Springs said it had offered $300,000, the land’s appraised value, but the owner declined the offer. The city attorney plans to continue negotiations but sought the Council’s authority to proceed to eminent domain for the property – its purpose being for a “public use” under Georgia law – if the talks fail.

“The process is lengthy, and authorization enables the city attorney to move forward should it be necessary, but first choice is to come to a successful resolution with the property owner,” a Sandy Springs spokeswoman said.