Sandy Springs paying $816K for fire command vehicle

The Sandy Springs City Council has approved spending $816,400 to acquire a specialized firefighting vehicle to more effectively respond to calls.

The Pierce ENCORE Command Rescue Vehicle will do the job of several vehicles now required, Fire Chief Keith Sanders told the council, such as a truck-towed refill trailer for self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and a box truck to support personnel during extended calls.

Paid for with city impact fees, the Pierce vehicle will transport 20 SCBA bottles; a four-bottle air replenishing station; tower to provide on-scene lighting; 40 kW electrical generator; restroom; exterior decontamination shower; command module; weather station; and tethered drone, Sanders said. It also will provide awnings, coolers, misting fans, tables, hydration, food and medical evaluation support to on-scene personnel.

“This unit will go out at least eight to 10 times a month,” Sanders said, supporting firefighters and available to assist police during SWAT callouts. “This unit will meet our needs today and in the future.”