Sandy Springs OKs housekeeping contract with cost savings

The Sandy Springs City Council has approved an agreement for housekeeping services in public buildings that will save the city nearly $2,900 a month.

The city temporarily took over management of housekeeping for City Hall and the Performing Arts Center at City Springs in January, 2019, from a prior vendor, Spectra, Facilities Director David Wells said in a report to the council.

On Jan. 28, the city signed a five-month contract with American Facility Services Inc. for $22,950 a month, Wells said. After five months with successful results, the city expanded the contract to six more categories including the municipal court, recreation and parks facilities and both police buildings at Morgan Falls, for $36,525 a month through Dec. 31.

“Previous contracts were negotiated in a piecemeal fashion, and having all facilities under one contract will provide efficiencies,” Wells said. The negotiated amount for the new agreement is $33,633 a month to cover all facilities, with a three-year ordering term and task orders issued each year on July 1.