Sandy Springs neighbors annoyed by legal fireworks

Neighbors in Sandy Springs are annoyed with nuisance fireworks and want help from city officials.

President of the North Springs Homeowners Association Abbe Seitzman said a resident on West Spalding Drive has been shooting off fireworks at all hours of the day, Channel 2 Action News reported.

She told Channel 2 the neighbor means to annoy people, but the man is following the law.

Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul told Channel 2 there is nothing city officials can do as the man isn’t launching fireworks past the 9 p.m. curfew.

The only nights fireworks are permitted past 9 p.m. is the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve.

“The challenge is, ‘How can we manage them in such a way that they don't become disruptive to the peace and harmony of the community?’” Paul told the television station.

But Paul said that’s more up to legislators, whom the mayor would have revisit laws about fireworks.

State Rep. Wendell Willard told Channel 2 legislators should give more local control to city councils.

“The thing they need to do is really give the oversight of the time when fireworks can be used back to the local governments, the cities, the counties,” Willard said.

Seitzman just wants to stop hearing the constant booming that scares children and pets.