Sally Yates gets a standing O before a partisan hometown crowd

Sally Yates appeared briefly before a hometown crowd Wednesday — one of her first forays in public since President Donald Trump fired her as acting attorney general for defying his immigration order.

Yates, entering a Carter Center event with former Attorney General Eric Holder, received a standing ovation just for showing up. She is celebrated by the left, which asserts that she was standing on principle when she instructed the Justice Department not to enforce Trump's executive order, and vilified by the right, which asserts that she was just grandstanding.

Yates took a seat in the audience and listened to a panel discussion on race, of which Holder was a part. When a member of the audience asked whether she planned to run for office, she replied quietly, "I am just here in the audience."

Later, Holder saw fit to yell, “Holder/Yates: 2020!”

Someone yelled back, “Yates/Holder!”

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