Safe America serves those who have served

Q: Can you tell me about the Safe America Foundation and how they are involved with our veterans?

A: The Safe America Foundation is a nonprofit with headquarters in Atlanta. Their mission is to be the voice of safety, according to

In 1993, Len Pagano worked for Primerica in public relations. He was asked to find a topic where the company could help make a difference.

“I saw an article in the AJC about babies and children being catapulted out of car’s windshields and being killed. It was horrible,” said Pagano.

A lot of mothers didn’t use or have car seats. As a young father the significance of such tragedies prompted Pagano to find a safe solution – a $35 car seat.

“The project began in Georgia and was so successful that it went coast-to-coast in all 50 states totaling over 100,000 car seats provided,” said Pagano.

This moved Pagano to establish the Safe America Foundation in 1994, allowing us “to save or extend lives of others,” he added.

Honing in on prominent safety issues, a few of their key goals include teaching safe driving techniques, reducing cyber crimes, countering human trafficking and helping veterans transition to civilian life.

“About five years ago veterans became a high level of concern. Some people from Washington, D.C., who had previous connections at the Pentagon got in touch with me and said you’ve got some wonderful talent and marketing ability. We think you should dig into this issue and figure out what you can do to help veterans because you are a unique nonprofit,” said Pagano.

About 600-700 “We Care Kits,” which include toothbrushes, deodorant, socks and underwear, are provided to homeless veterans each year.

A website called VETV.US has been created. Veterans, their families and any supporters are encouraged to use this comprehensive site.

Equally important is helping homeless veterans find shelter with a special focus on female veterans – particularly those with children.

Vet Tran is the foundation’s latest endeavor offering veterans transportation at a discounted price, Pagano said.

“We have done research and have found that roughly 1,200 veterans a month can’t get to the VA hospital. AMR has donated ambulances because veterans can’t get to the hospital.”

Georgia is home for hundreds of thousands veterans needing help, Pagano said. He is proud that others are noticing what Safe America is doing to help fill the gap.

For more information, go to or call Safe America at (770) 973-SAFE.

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