Roswell unleashes 33 goats on popular park

Seeing dozens of goats and a couple dogs in a fenced-in area, you might think it's a petting zoo.

Such a sight can be seen right now at Roswell's Old Mill Park. You can check the animals out, but don't touch — they are on the clock, clearing kudzu.

For the next 10 days, the city is using an environmentally sound method in which goats chew through areas overtaken by the invasive plant.

Two Great Pyrenees dogs are on hand to herd the 33 goats. The head dog, Bella, is very protective of the goats, according to a Roswell spokeswoman.

The animals were rented from local company Get Your Goat to make way for a trail. The project costs $1,300, whereas spraying the kudzu for removal would have cost $10,000, the spokeswoman said.

Adult goats — or "unusual landscapers" — can eat 10-12 pounds of foliage per day, according to Roswell's Facebook page

The method has been used by local schools, including DeKalb's Chamblee Middle and Georgia Tech.

The removal will help provide more walkable space at Old Mill Park, which is often busy people wanting to see the 1839 Roswell Manufacturing mills that burned in 1926.

Another attraction at the park is Vickery Creek, which runs through the park surrounded by winding paths, a waterfall and a small beach area.

We have some unusual landscapers at Old Mill Park! For the next 5-10 days, the park will be home to 33 goats and two...

Posted by City of Roswell, Georgia Government on Thursday, November 3, 2016