Roswell, MARTA police to work together

The Roswell City Council has approved an agreement with MARTA to ensure cooperation of the police departments of the city and transit agency.

Roswell police would be responsible for overall law enforcement operations within city limits, while MARTA police would have primary responsibility over MARTA trains, buses and property such as rail stations and parking lots, according to the memorandum of understanding.

Among the agreement’s provisions, Roswell police would assist MARTA police handling major crimes when MARTA police request assistance, while MARTA officers may act in their capacity as sworn police officers “whenever a serious breach of the peace occurs” until Roswell police arrive.

MARTA police would provide specialized training as needed to Roswell officers with regard to rapid transit hazards and safety features of the transit system, and the agencies’ tactical teams would train together and support each other as needed.

The two departments would exchange reports to comply with requirements of the Georgia Crime Information Center and departmental needs, and their officers would appear in court as necessary to testify. The two agencies also would work together when executing warrants and detaining and transporting prisoners.