Roswell man fought off 3 men trying to steal his lawnmower, police say

Police in Roswell do not recommend victims of crimes take matters into their own hands, but one man did last weekend when three men from Atlanta tried to take his lawnmower.

According to a police report, on Aug. 12 three men in a Penske van pulled up to a business on Old Alabama Road around 2:20 p.m. where Eduardo Baizel, 31, of Roswell, was mowing the lawn. When Baizel wasn’t looking, the men hopped out of the truck and began loading his lawnmower into it.

A fight ensued and the men eventually gave up and fled, police said. But minutes later, Johns Creek Police pulled over the truck just up the road from the crime scene and arrested the men: Dexter Bowen, 48; Traves Hall, 21; and Shamel Glover, 29.

All three men are facing charges of aggravated assault and criminal attempt to commit armed robbery. Glover was also charged with driving with a suspended license. All three men remain in a Fulton County jail.

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“We never recommend that you get involved,” Roswell police spokesperson Lisa Holland told Channel 2 Action News. “This person got in a struggle and could have been seriously hurt by these people.”

Baizel runs his own lawncare business and told Channel 2 that the mower is worth $2,200. He said he saw the men ride by in the truck twice before they pulled over to steal from him.

“I said, ‘Hey, what happened? This is my machine,’” Baizel said. “This is my work. I need (the lawnmower).”

Holland said that one of the men swung a stick at Baizel, but missed. Another punched him in the face, she said.

“That was pretty bold for them to get out in the middle of the day and to steal from this person,” Holland told Channel 2.

Police are looking into whether the three men are responsible for similar crimes around metro Atlanta.

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