Road rage: Man fights driver who cut him off in Alpharetta

Alpharetta police are searching for a man who fought another driver in the street in a fit of road rage.

Shawn McLaughlin said he was driving on North Point Parkway near Webb Bridge Road on April 17 when he accidentally cut off the other driver while trying to merge. Then, at a red light on Morris Road, the man was at his door.

Police said the man tried to open the door of McLaughlin’s 2007 silver Ford Edge. That’s when McLaughlin got out and the man yelled at him, saying, “You (expletive) cut me off!”

After they exchanged words, McLaughlin went to get back in his car, but the man shoved him and pinned him between his car and the door. The two then went to the ground and fought, police said.

Channel 2 Action News obtained a 911 call of a woman reporting the incident, saying, "There's a car that stopped traffic and these two guys are punching each other on the road."

“He got (mad) because I cut him off,” McLaughlin told Channel 2. “… So, I had a fight with him and he obviously lost… I hope he gets found for what he did. Road rage is stupid.”

McLaughlin, 19, says the angry driver was about twice his age. Police describe him to be 45 to 60 years old with white hair.

Police said the suspect sped off in a white pickup truck that had no plates on it. Police also believe someone took cellphone video of the incident.

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