Restaurant inspection: Sushi spot fails for unsafe procedures

Sushi at a Japanese restaurant in south Forsyth County was tossed out because the chef was preparing it with bare hands, according to a health inspector.

There were other problems with the preparation of rolls at Enzo Sushi, 3630 Peachtree Parkway, Suwanee, during a recent routine food safety inspection.

The rice was not being held under temperature control and the restaurant had no documentation for how long it had been left out. Raw fish was being thawed at room temperature, with no running water. And cream cheese and imitation crab in a prep cooler were at unsafe temperatures. Employee drinks were on the sushi prep table.

Enzo Sushi was given a failing score of 62/U, down from previous health scores of 90/A and 71/C.

The restaurant was also flagged for washing a rice warmer in the mop sink, instead of using the three-compartment sink designated for washing dishes.

The inspector also said staff needed to be retrained and better management control was needed over food safety. One employee rinsed a sanitizing cloth then began preparing food without first washing hands. Another was cleaning dining tables without sanitizing them.

Points were also taken off for unsanitary equipment. The inspector said mold-like substance had accumulated in the drink nozzles. Knives stored as clean had an accumulation of food debris. Utensils which were being reused were stored in stagnant water.

Enzo Sushi will be re-inspected.

In other news: Recently featured Gogi House, 3490 Gwinnett Place Drive, Duluth, scored 84/B on a follow-up inspection.