Restaurant inspection:Raw seafood temperature too high at Red Crawfish

Raw seafood, including shrimp, crawfish and swai, inside a prep cooler at Red Crawfish & Seafood in Lawrenceville wasn’t at safe temperatures and was discarded.

The restaurant also had a repeat violation of not covering food in storage and not keeping food contact surfaces clean.

Containers of seafood were found uncovered in the walk-in freezer. Plates stored for immediate use had food debris on them. Mold was found in the ice machine. And the microwave had splatter on the inside.

Red Crawfish & Seafood, 1820 N. Brown Road, Lawrenceville, failed the routine inspection with 35/U. The restaurant had previous scores of 84/B and 88/B.

In other code violations, an employee picked up cooked crawfish with bare hands to check the cooling temperature. The fish was discarded because neither gloves or utensils were used.

Points were taken off for using improper cooling and thawing methods. The cooked crawfish was cooling at room temperature in a large container, instead of separating the batch into smaller containers for quicker cooling.

Corn and sausage were thawing at room temperature, and seafood was thawing in a container of water. The corn and seafood were placed in a cooler and the sausage was discarded.

Also, shellstock labels, which are required to be kept in chronological order for 90 days after the container is empty, were all mixed together in a shopping bag. And clams were taken from their original container and stored in tubs. The clams have to remain in the original container until immediately before a sale or before preparation.

Red Crawfish and Seafood will be re-inspected.