Restaurant inspection: C-Port Seafood rebounds from failing score

A seafood restaurant in Stockbridge rebounded after failing a recent routine health inspection with a low 39/U.

C-Port Seafood Restaurant, 72 Highway 138, Stockbridge, pulled that up to a 94/A on its follow-up inspection.

The restaurant had been flagged for multiple food-borne illness risk factors, a result of not having a properly trained food safety manager in charge, the Henry County health inspector said.

The person in charge was not state certified in food safety, according to the inspection report.

Among the code violations, employees were not washing their hands properly and were touching ready-to-eat foods with bare hands.

The inspector said the person in charge rinsed hands at the three-compartment sink after putting on a hair net and grabbing utensils. The employee then handled clean utensils and food, battered raw shrimp, handled clean plates and ready-to-eat foods, tasted noodles with hands and continued to cook without washing hands.

Food was being prepped at the three-compartment sink, which is an unsanitary sink used for washing dishes and equipment. Spaghetti noodles were strained and rinsed at the sink, raw oysters were kept on ice there and employees got water from its faucet for cooking.

Points were also taken off improper thawing of seafood. Frozen raw shrimp were in standing water in the meat sink, and raw mussels were thawing on the prep table.

Prepared seafood, salad, rice, noodles and other items were not date-marked for disposal. And multiple cartons of eggs were stored above ready-to-eat foods in the walk-in cooler.