Restaurant inspection: Canton Buddha fails another routine inspection

Canton Buddha in Buckhead failed a second consecutive routine inspection recently, and Fulton County health officials said the facility would be cited with a court-ordered follow-up inspection.

Multiple kitchen employees were observed washing their hands without soap, as required. And there was no soap at the employee hand-sink, according to the inspection report.

In addition, a small trash can was being used as a prep table, which is unsanitary, the inspector said. Management was advised to provide a small movable prep table instead.

Canton Buddha, 2900 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, scored 57/U. The restaurant had a failing score of 66/U on a routine inspection in September, then pulled up the score to 100/A on the follow-up inspection.

During this inspection, frozen foods were being thawed at room temperature, instead of running water or inside a cooler. Foods were being stored in open cans. Food containers in the freezer were not labeled. Some food containers were being stored on the floor.

Points were also taken off for multiple dented cans on shelves. Raw meats were stored improperly above noodles and vegetables in cold storage.

The inspector said Canton Buddha had been cited before on most of these same charges. The restaurant will be re-inspected. [Editor's Note: Canton Buddha passed the follow-up inspector with a 90/A.]

In other news: The Gwinnett County Detention Center, after failing a recent routine inspection, also failed the follow-up inspection with a 40/U. The food permit was suspended briefly while the kitchen staff underwent onsite training. On a second follow-up inspection a few days later, the cafeteria scored 100/A.