Research says the world's powerhouse food is.....



“Super foods,” have been the rage for several years.

Those are the things that, if we eat them, are said to protect us from a variety of health issues.

In the past few years blueberries, broccoli, fish oil, and green leafy vegetables have all taken their turn at the head of the list.

However, the latest group of life-saving edibles comes from William Paterson University and was recently seen in the CDC publication, Preventing Chronic Disease.

The Washington Post writes the foods were rated on their compilation of fiber, calcium, protein, potassium, vitamins, and other goodies.

The new top rated food is Watercress, a vegetable filled with all the items listed, and even more.

The rest of the top ten in order, are;

2 Chinese cabbage

3 Chard

4 Beet greens

5 Spinach

6 Chicory

7 Leaf lettuce

8 Parsley

9 Romaine lettuce

10 Collard greens

You may notice fruits missing from the list Researchers say that’s because the rankings are based on solid nutrient content alone.

Wondering how to incorporate watercress into your meal plan? No worries, just click for some ideas.

See the entire list here.