Report: Shooting victim delivers twins early, has surgery

A 19-year-old woman wounded in a shooting at a Texaco station Monday gave birth to her twins three months early, and she and her babies were still in Grady Memorial Hospital on Wednesday.

"I'm just feeling tired, ... trying to make it. I'm making it, but I'm hurt," Tedra Jordan told Channel 2 Action News in a telephone interview Wednesday.

Jordan had surgery Wednesday and was in the hospital’s intensive care unit. A bullet remains in her hip.

Jordan's boyfriend, 19-year-old La'deddric Love, was killed in the Monday afternoon shootout.

A 2-year-old in the car was shot in the foot, but the couple’s 8-month-old was not harmed.

“I'm just like out of my mind. I really can't believe what's going on right now. I really just don't believe it. It’s unbelievable to me,” Jordan said in the telephone interview with a Channel 2 reporter. “I never thought in a million years I'd go through something like that.”

Police said Thursday there were no updates in the investigation. Authorities also released audio tapes of calls to 911 about the shooting.

"Oh my God, a shooting at the Martin Luther King Texaco ... across from the skating rink ... shooting! shooting! shooting!" one caller yelled to the 911 operator.

Investigators have said, however, that they suspect Love and the shooter knew each other.

The driver of the car Jordan and her family were in had stopped for gas around 1:20 p.m. at the station in the 3000 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in southwest Atlanta.

A witness told police a man got out of a silver-colored car at the station, approached their car, pulled out an assault rifle and started shooting even though there was no provocation.

“He said nothing happened just prior to the shooting, that they were just sitting there, and the person came up and started shooting," Maj. Keith Meadows told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It appeared that he did spray the vehicle; there were a number of shell casings in the area.”

A security tape obtained by the AJC shows a silver Honda pulling into one of the gas pumps at the Texaco station. The victims’ car was one of three cars already there.

Moments after one car drives away, the driver gets out of the silver Honda and then sits back down behind the wheel again, the tape shows. Two passengers then get out of the car -- one from the front and one from the back.

The passenger who gets out of the front seat walks over to the victim’s car but is soon off camera. At this point, the silver Honda starts to drive away, the tape shows.

The other passenger then runs to the car and gets in the front seat -- and the passenger who had walked off camera can be seen running back to the car and getting in the back seat.

A witness said Love drove to the nearby Adamsville Recreation Center, where the victims sought help and were taken to the hospital.

“That’s when he jumped out and started banging on the door, wanting help; that’s where he ultimately died,” Meadows said.