Raided strip club in trouble before

City records show an Atlanta strip club raided by police on Saturday had previous trouble with the law.

Atlanta Police officers arrested 29 people Saturday morning at the 24K Club at 2284 Cheshire Bridge Road for drug sales and other criminal violations.

On Monday afternoon, the club remained open, but business was slow. A day manager at the club said he could not comment.

City records show the Atlanta License Review Board voted to suspend 24K Club's alcohol license for six months in 2006.

In October 2006, the board found the club guilty of selling alcohol to minors, staying open too late and allowing an underage person to enter the club, according to license review board records.

The most recent police action occur early Saturday following a five-month investigation, police said.

Undercover spent five months purchasing drugs from employees and others at the club, which helped them obtain a warrant, police said. The warrant was served by Atlanta officers in Zone 6, along with officers from the license and permits unit, the Fulton County District Attorney's Office and the Red Dog Unit.

An attorney, who represented the club during the 2006 license problems, said Monday that he is no longer representing the club and had no information on Saturday's raid.

Police said Monday that they had no further details, including a list of those arrested. A police spokesman said a report was not available.