Put down that phone: City’s new initiative focuses on pedestrian safety

Dunwoody has made a number of pedestrian safety improvements in recent years.

Dunwoody has made a number of pedestrian safety improvements in recent years.

The city of Dunwoody wants both pedestrians and drivers to be more aware of the rules of the road.

The DeKalb County city launched a new safety campaign this week called "See and Be Seen: We're All Responsible." It will include videos, ads, a special website and social media posts aimed at changing drivers' behaviors and educating pedestrians.

“Our Mayor and City Council are very concerned about this issue. After some close calls and accidents this year, they wanted the city to do more,” Dunwoody spokeswoman Jennifer Boettcher said in a statement. “The start of a new school year is the perfect time to talk about what drivers and pedestrians can do to make our roads and crosswalks safer.”

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Dunwoody has put a strong emphasis on enforcing traffic laws, especially the new hands-free driving rule. Officers have issued more than 1,150 hands-free citations since the law went into effect last July, the department said.

“A big safety concern for pedestrians and motorists alike is distracted drivers,” Dunwoody Police Chief Billy Grogan said in a statement. “Bringing attention to this dangerous violation and gaining compliance is a priority for our department.”

The campaign also plans to highlight the city’s pedestrian safety efforts. Dunwoody has added 11 new miles of sidewalks since becoming a city 10 years ago.

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