Powder Springs plans to discuss security Monday

The Powder Springs City Council is expected to discuss the purchase of a walk-through metal detector for the new Council Chambers and 25 Tasers for police officers during the 7 p.m. Monday meeting in the Community Development building, 4488 Pineview Drive.

Cost for the metal detector could range from $5,841 for the base model to $6,600 for the PD 6500i that shows the officer where to look — the same one used by the city in the municipal court.

The city’s police department has eight Tasers, but this budget amendment would allow every officer to have their own when final approval is expected on March 2.

City council members may vote Monday night to approve an agreement with Ten-Eight Forensic Services of Douglasville that provides 24/7 assistance with drug testing or sex kits in case of rapes.

Interim Police Chief John Robison said the cost would be $75 for each drug screening by this company that only occurs a few times a year.

Information: garrett.com/securitysite/security_pd_6500i_main.aspx.