Powder Springs now allows crematories

The Powder Springs City Council agreed on Nov. 18 to allow funeral homes to operate crematories.

However, the crematory must comply with state and federal laws along with manufacturer’s instructions for its operation.

All crematory-related activities must occur entirely within an enclosed area, according to a city statement.

Also according to the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH), emissions from crematory operations may include a very small amount of several chemicals.

They are emitted at extremely low levels and break down quickly by sunlight or are diluted and carried by the wind when released into the air, said the DPH statement.

While one chemical, mercury, is sometimes a concern for nearby residents, the emitted levels of mercury from a crematory are considered extremely low and do not pose a health risk, the state DPH said.

Information: CityOfPowderSprings.org