Popular Buford Highway Chinese spot fails health inspection

Northern China Eatery

5141 Buford Highway, Doraville

Score: 56, 92 on follow-up

Read the inspector's report here.

A well-liked Buford Highway Chinese restaurant had trouble with a recent health inspection, scoring a failing grade.

Northern China Eatery received a 56 last Thursday, with the inspector noting food storage and handling issues as well as the discovery of a dead mosquito on a cutting board, according to the report. The restaurant, located at 5141 Buford Highway in Doraville, was re-inspected the following day and received a 92.

The initial report notes that an employee wasn’t wearing a hairnet. It also mentions an employee handling raw ribs and produce at the same time.

Asked about the failed inspection, owner San Zhang said Monday that any issues were corrected.

“We have a 92 right now,” he pointed out.

Previous inspections listed on the health department’s website show the restaurant failed an inspection in January 2015 with a 60 and passed the follow-up days later with a 94.