Popular Buford Highway Chinese spot fails health inspection

Cam Yuong, owner of Canton House on Buford Highway, is upset after failing a recent health inspection.

The Chamblee restaurant, which has been open 22 years, received a 58/U last week, according to the inspection report. The DeKalb County health inspector noted issues ranging from lax hand washing to a container of soy sauce stored next to a toxic degreaser.

“We’re here 22 years. We don’t have any problems with this,” Yuong said Monday. “Any.”

He admitted the restaurant was at fault in several of the violations and said all the issues have been fixed.

The inspector said an employee cracked an egg and continued cooking without washing their hands. Raw shrimp was also seen stored above ready-to-eat dumplings and butter. Some “food contact surfaces weren’t cleaned,” the report said.

While the owner said the issues were corrected, he said he is upset because he feels other inspectors have been more lenient.

Canton House
4825 Buford Highway
Chamblee, GA
Score: 58/U 
Read the full report here.

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