Police in N. Fulton city warn residents about fake IRS scam

A simple mistake could lead you right to a phone scam

A simple mistake could lead you right to a phone scam

Just hang up.

That’s what Roswell want you to do if you get a call from someone claiming to be with the IRS.

Several city residents have recently reported being called with a recording, saying that they owe money to the IRS. Roswell police shared that recording on their Facebook page.

The recording tells the resident that it is giving “a final notice from the IRS” and that the federal income tax agency is filing a lawsuit against them. It tells the resident to call back at a provided number to resolve the matter.

Police say that several residents paid the scammer before reporting the call to authorities.

Roswell police are instructing residents to hang up immediately if they receive this call and do not place the return call to the number provided in the recording. Concerned residents should also contact the IRS directly.

In May, police in Gwinnett County warned residents about a similar scam. Around that same time, a man was impersonating police and targeting Roswell seniors in a scam.

Listen to the scam recording by clicking the post below:

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