Police: Alien (no, seriously) pulled over in N. Fulton

Police in Alpharetta had an extraterrestrial encounter on Sunday.

When officers pulled over a car for speeding and approached the passenger side window, they saw a big-eyed, still, pale figure riding shotgun. As it turned out, the passenger was not of this planet.

Police got a laugh and snapped some photos when they discovered it was a life-size alien doll. For good measure, the driver even buckled it in for safety.

The driver was pulled over for speeding, traveling at 84 mph, police said. That isn’t quite fast enough to make a jump into hyperspace.

Police did not say where the stop occurred, or if the alien’s human partner was given a speeding ticket.

In the center console was a bottle of SmartWater and a cup holding what looked like a smoothie. It’s unclear what E.T.’s cousin was sipping on.

On its Facebook page, Alpharetta Department of Public Safety wrote: “Umm, the things you see during every day patrol.”

The M.I.B. were not called to the scene.

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