Phase I of Dekalb’s Brannon Hill cleanup complete

DeKalb County removed 1,199 tons of debris from demolished buildings at Brannon Hill Condominium near Clarkston on July 13 and 14, completing Phase I of cleanup plans at the development.

Phase I of the Brannon Hill cleanup was completed by 37 county employees working a combined 460 hours with 45 pieces of heavy equipment and dump trucks. Trucks removed 152 loads of debris to DeKalb County’s Seminole Road Landfill.

Built in 1973, more than 100 units at the complex are vacant and in various states of disrepair. On Nov. 18, DeKalb County obtained a court order allowing nuisance abatement in Brannon Hill at four buildings totaling 68 units.

Phase II of the cleanup will occur later in 2017, when DeKalb will identify and award a contract to demolish and remove debris from the other two buildings (40 units). This project utilizes approximately $400,000 in federal Community Development Block Grant funds.