Peachtree Corners tables ban on celebratory gunfire

The Peachtree Corners City Council tabled a decision Tuesday evening on an ordinance to prohibit hunting and celebratory gunfire within the city.

“We received several calls and emails before our meeting Tuesday from our citizens concerned over the proposed ordinance,” said Mayor Mike Mason. “We chose to table the decision so that we could make sure we’ve heard all viewpoints before we draft language that reconciles our differing citizens’ concerns over their safety when firearms or arrows are discharged in residential neighborhoods.”

As previously written, the amendment would make it unlawful to discharge any firearm, bow, crossbow or any missile within the residential areas of Peachtree Corners. It would not “prohibit any officer of the law from discharging a firearm in the performance of his/her duty, nor any citizen from discharging a weapon when lawfully defending person or property.”