Parents on edge after 2 incidents near Cobb schools

Police and parents are concerned after two scary incidents near Cobb County schools Thursday morning.

Police say first, a parent told police a driver in a dark sedan had approached a Lindley Middle School student offering a ride. Not long after, dispatchers received a 911 call about a teenage girl being forced into a dark sedan near Osborne High School.

Police spent Thursday searching for anything suspicious in the neighborhoods off Hicks Road, near the schools.

Neighbor Charles Player told Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt that police came knocking at his door.

“He mentioned that a young lady may have been walking down the street here and may have gotten into the car and there may have been some screams after that,” Player said.

Player said he didn't hear or see anything.

“The officer asked me if I'd seen a dark sedan that was parked in the place where he was parked right on the street,” Player said.

Police say that dark sedan is the possible connection between the two incidents.

Parents at both nearby schools received messages about the incident, urging caution in the days ahead.

In the incident near Lindley, schools officials say the student got the tag number of the car and turned it over to police.

Police are still trying to sort out the stories, but are advising everyone to be especially wary as they head to bus stops over the next few days.