One student suspended, another withdraws after 'sexting' incident

One student was suspended and another has withdrawn from The Lovett School following improper cell phone communication.

"The students, both eighth-graders, engaged in the electronic transmission of improper images and content," school spokeswoman Kim Blass said in a statement. "Such behavior is in direct violation of Lovett's Technology Code of Conduct and Use Agreement."

Atlanta police are investigating the incident, which apparently involved other middle school students at the private school, according to Officer James Polite.

"The APD Child Exploitation Unit will be reviewing this matter to make a determination as to whether charges will be forthcoming," Polite told the AJC.

"Sexting" is the term used to describe the use of technology to send sexually explicit messages or photos via cell phones or other devices. As teenagers' use of cell phones has increased, "sexting" has become a trend.

However, sending sexually-explicit photos of anyone under 18 is a felony in all states -- even if a person is sending photos of themselves, according to The person receiving the images can also be charged.

Lawmakers in at least 10 states are currently working on legislation to curb sexting. Nationwide, suicides have been reported by teens whose nude images have been repeatedly shared with others beyond the initial recipient. Last year, a 14-year-old girl in New Jersey was charged with child pornography for posting nude pictures of herself online.

Lovett is located on Paces Ferry Road, north of downtown Atlanta.