Old log cabin Sunday school rich in history

Q: Every now and then, when traffic is bad on 285, I take a back road in Vinings to get to work. The other day I noticed a log cabin next to a church. Can you tell me about this building?

A: You are referring to the Log Cabin Union Sunday School, built in 1912 and used until 1919. Tucked away in between townhomes, east of I-285 in Vinings, it is located on Log Cabin Drive, which runs parallel to Atlanta Road.

“As communities grew up in the area, worshipping together was valued over restricting it to one denomination,” said Judy Whitfield, chairman of the board of trustees.

For seven years, the log cabin that was once on a dirt road became the home of the Sunday school group.

As you face the church, the original is to the left, partially hidden by large trees and bushes. The building has been restored and showcases the cabin’s historical display.

The cabin also serves as the room for the adult Sunday school class, and the place for the groom and groomsmen to occupy before a wedding.

A second, larger cabin was built in 1919 a few yards away from the original structure, but was replaced by the current granite stone chapel.

Today’s church was built in 1949 and features Gothic Revival style. It is called “Log Cabin Community Church” and welcomes all denominations. You can’t miss the red doors as you drive by.

It’s a favorite spot for families and photographers.

Next to current church is a covered water well. Engraved on top are all the church members’ names who served in World War II.

A collection of coins have built up over the years as brides toss a coin into the wishing well on their wedding day.

A covered bell on a small brick tower stands beside the original church.

“What is unusual about the church is that it was started as a non-denominational Sunday school 107 years ago and has remained as such,” said Whitfield.

Active in the community dating back to its roots, Boy Scout Troop 1 was chartered and sponsored since 1924 by the Log Cabin Sunday School, according to smyrna01.mytroop.us.

The church continues to be an active sponsor of Scout programs and involved in the community.

Log Cabin Community Church is located at 2699 Log Cabin Drive SE, Vinings (404-351-8530).

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