27 odd write-ins DeKalb voted for instead of Trump and Clinton

In DeKalb County, you had your expected write-in candidates for president, such as Green Party contender Jill Stein and independent Evan McMullin.

Other voters were reaching a bit with their choice — Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Michelle Obama — but still seemed relatively grounded in reality, apart from the fact that those people weren't running.

Then there were the voters who were apparently so dissatisfied with the choices before them they decided to go another way entirely.

The evidence is abundant in the 143 pages of write-in candidates released Monday afternoon.

Some highlights:

1. "Anyone Else" (Seven votes)

2. Cannabis

3. Taco Bell

4. Toby Keith, modern country artist

5. Kanye West, rapper (eight votes)

6. Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair, professional wrestling legend/rapper Waka Flocka Flame

7. Ross Perot, who ran for president in 1992 as an independent and for the Reform Party in 1996

8. "."

9. "Give us better choices"

10. “I exercise my right not to vote for any of these non-principled jokers.”

11. "A bald eagle"

12. "Barney Sanders, the former governor and U.S. senator"

13. Beetlejuice

14. "Alan Mulally, former CEO of Ford Motor Co."

15. Homer Simpson of "The Simpsons"

16. Former Atlanta Brave Fred McGriff

17. U.S. Representative John Lewis

18. The "Sweedish" (sic) Chef

19. Justin Timberlake

20. Atlanta rapper Killer Mike

21. "Me"

22. Country legend Willie Nelson

24. Sherlock Holmes, fictional detective

25. Robocop

25. Satan (two votes)

26. Hillary Clinton, who was on the ballot but curiously written in about 12 times

27. "Sweet Meteor of Death" (two votes)

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