Norcross is transforming an alley into artwork

It started with a Toyota Prius commercial, one that was being filmed in downtown Norcross and needed a mural in the background.

That mural, a wave of greens and blues and oranges, went up on the wall of the otherwise "sparse" Skin Alley, and it's staying there -- it will eventually have company, too.

"We're absolutely thrilled that Toyota gifted this mural to Norcross," Cindy Flynn, chair of the Norcross Public Arts Commission, said in a news release. "This mural is an unexpected kick-start to making Skin Alley an exciting ArtWay for Norcross."

"ArtWay" meaning that the city plans to turn Skin Alley  into a "vibrant, meaningful and welcoming space." The current mural, painted by an Atlanta artist named Peter Ferrari, will eventually be joined by others.

"It will be a pedestrian-oriented, creative hub that supports year-round global entertainment and cultural programs," the news release said. "The ArtWay is inspired by the concept of 'Art is a Way' for artists and community members to lift each other up, start conversations, share stories, bridge differences and find common ground."

The NPAC's first commissioned artwork will go up on the yellow cinder block building at 20 Skin Alley. It will begin production in "coming months," officials said, "and will heavily involve the community to inspire the artist's design concept." A public meeting is tentatively scheduled for June.

For more information and updates on the ArtWay, follow the Norcross Public Arts Commission on Facebook.

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