Norcross seeks SPLOST funds for parking project

The Norcross City Council officially adopted plans for 2017 SPLOST funding. Should voters approve the sales tax in November, Norcross will divide the funds between parks, transportation and parking projects.

The approved plan, which anticipates $15.2 million in SPLOST dollars, includes $4.6 million for parks projects, $6 million for transportation projects, and $4.6 million for parking projects.

Parks projects include the creation of Pinnacle Park, the Rossie Brundage Playground, Phase 2 of Discovery Garden, parking improvements at several parks, and more. Transportation improvements will include the Beaver Ruin Creek Greenway, a South Cemetery St. extension, and a roundabout at North Norcross Tucker Road and South Peachtree, among other projects. Parking projects include proposed plans for a downtown parking deck.