Norcross adding speed cameras to four school zones

Another Gwinnett city is adding speed cameras to its school zones.

Norcross has approved the cameras in four of its school zones. Roads outside Beaver Ridge Elementary School, Norcross Elementary School, Baldwin Elementary School and Summerour Middle Shool will get the cameras, which monitor driver speed from an hour before the school day begins until an hour after it ends.

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The cameras automatically flag drivers going at least 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. A police officer then reviews the tape and approves a ticket, which is mailed to the address associated with the speeder’s car.

Lilburn and Duluth already have the cameras, operated by RedSpeed. Norcross signed an agreement with RedSpeed in January. The company installs speed cameras in local school zones for free and takes a 35% cut of future ticket revenues. Tickets start at $75 and go up to $125 for repeat offenders. These ticket amounts are generally less than those that come with a ticket issued by an officer during a traffic stop, and do not add points to a driver’s license.

RedSpeed has partnered with more than 20 city and county police departments in Georgia since 2018, when a new law allowed their cameras in the state. Under that law, the 65% of ticket revenues each jurisdiction gets to keep must go to public safety improvements.

Lilburn’s cameras were turned on in early January, and Duluth’s began recording in August. It is not yet clear when Norcross’s cameras will begin operation.

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