New York Times mistakenly spams 8 million

The New York Times is asking readers to ignore an email accidentally sent to readers Wednesday afternoon.

The email went to home subscribers and others who had never bought delivery, urging them to reconsider at “50 percent off for 16 weeks.”

The inadvertent missives resulted in a flood of Twitter messages and subscribers lit up The Times’ switchboard.

The Atlantic Wire reports the NYT intended to send the message to about 300 people, but accidentally spammed 8 million.

Times spokeswoman Danielle Rhoades Ha later sent Atlantic Wire the following comment: "An email was sent earlier today from The New York Times in error. This email should have been sent to a very small number of subscribers, but instead was sent to a vast distribution list made up of people who had previously provided their email address to The New York Times. We regret this error and we regret our earlier communication noting that this email was SPAM."

The Times sent another mass email at 4:30 p.m. apologizing for the first email.