New job-training center being built in northwest Atlanta

A non-profit is building a $4 million job-training center in a neighborhood plagued by crime.
The developers told Channel 2's Matt Belanger that's why they wanted to build there.
"We're just ready to go," said Leonard Adams, the head of Quest Community Development.
The construction site sits along Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard in northwest Atlanta. It will soon house a new $4 million community job-training center.
"Where we are building now was three abandoned properties," Adams told Belanger.
Adams said the project will give way to a place where workers will train for construction, medical and technology jobs.
The shiny new structure will stand among abandoned building, in an area where police respond to violent crimes.
Belanger checked records in the area.
In January, Atlanta police responded to 38 calls within a half mile of the site, including violent crimes like homicide, rape and aggravated assault.
"Crime doesn't deter us. We're needed here and we are going to serve that need," Adams said.
Richard Hockett first came to Quest for housing. Now, he works for the non-profit.
"At one time I was homeless," Hockett said. "We get with the real true grit and the nature of the problem and we go on from there."
Adina Lewis lives in Quest's existing low-income apartments nearby. She told Belanger she thinks putting more people to work will help.
"That's what people need, they need to stay busy, they need to have something to do that's positive," Lewis said.
"We're the ones out here willing to take the risk to spur development. And we hope that other development comes and builds next to us," Adams told Belanger.
Money from Invest Atlanta and the Arthur Blank Foundation is helping to pay for the project. The building is expected to open in July.